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Infinite Focus is an integrated multi-disciplinary consultancy and project management company for the built and natural environments. We offer strategic multi-disciplinary professional services in Building, Infrastructure and Environment.  In recent times, we have commenced and signed-off on over a 100 projects under the new BCAR System, obtaining the BCMS Certificate of Compliance on Completion on some of the commercial/residential development projects.

We provide comprehensive services in the following areas;​

  • Structural Survey, Inspection and Certifications

  • Assigned Certifier and Design Certifier for new building with Planning Permission

  • Construction Stage BC(A)R Technical Inspections and Project Certification

  • Structural Analysis, Design and Inspection

  • Certificate of Complaince

  • Retrospective Certifications of buildings that have undergone structural alterations i.e attic conversions, extensions etc based on inspection and structural assessment

  • Drainage Design (storm, attenuation, foul and water services)

  • Planning Permissions and Construction Management




Structural Design

Construction Managers

Mechanical (HVAC)

Bridge Design

Building Compliance

Civil Engineering

Acoustic Design

Structural Survey

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